Two cupcakes recipe

Ok, I’m not a diet maniac, but I’m always trying to eliminate those three annoying kilos that never go away. I know talking about lose weight here is rather complicated, but I don’t mind saying that I have a goal with my body and that I always try healthily work my way to it. I’m telling you these, because sometimes is really difficult have a diet to follow and love cake at the same time! This other day I really really wanted a piece of white cake, and I could afford a piece of cake because I had been good for the whole day, but the problem was, I wanted a homemade one, and here, if I make a whole cake, I’m not eating just one piece, and I know that! So I started looking for a recipe of just two cupcakes, instead of 12 that always turns out from a normal recipe. I founded this site, that gave me the quantity to it!

In 15 minutes it was ready, nice and hot. I just made the white recipe, and put some chocolate icing to melt in it while hot. What I loved about this easy recipe is, you can change and make any flavour to it, some cocoa powder and you have a chocolate one, half a carrot grated inside, and a carrot one it is, some apple pure and cinnamon, and a yummy apple cupcake! It is just use your imagination, and anything you have on your fridge!

Mr. Dok got home when they were coming out of the oven, stuffed his mouth with his one and loved!  :D

Have a lovely cupcake!



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