Birthday berry cheesecake

Hello darlings!! How are you? We are going quite well here, very very busy, the way I love to live!
Last week was one of my friend bday, she was holding a party on a amazing garden with a lovely round shed, we could sit inside and it had a huge barbecue in the middle, where we could grill our own food while talking, it was my first dinner party barbecue kind, amazing! I’m telling that because I was the one to bring the birthday cake, and that is what I’ve done:
Cheesecake is lovely and light enough to be a desert after a barbecue.
I followed a recipe from this amazing site.
It is all very very simple, for the crust, Oreos crushed with butter.


Cheesecake made of 300 g of cream cheese, 250 g of ricotta, 4 dl heavy cream, 1  1/2 dl sugar, zest from 1/2 lemon and a 1/2 tsp of vanilla powder. Having all together, divide in two parts, mixing one with 100 g of strawberries pure and the other with 150 g of blueberries and raspberries. Pour the first part over the crust and freeze for 30 minutes, then place some Oreos on the top of it to be between the first and second and then, pour the second part and put to freeze overnight. I folded down on both parts some strawberry pieces and some blueberry pieces, it looks nicer and it’s nice to taste them through the cheesecake too!!!



Then it is just decor it! Mine turned out to be something  like that:


I put a little paper bunting that I made.

Ido recommend this delicious thing! It was very very popular, even after the competition of marshmallows, the famous “fluffy bunnies” and to guess if it was a pink one or white one, so much fun!!!

Sorry about the bad Iphone photo! We were quite late there. hehehehe20120716-220006.jpg






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