Library time + Dinner at ours

Hello darlings!

Every two or three weeks I pop into the library to get some books, which saves me a fortune, and I just love to be in a library anyway. Last week I brought home this two cook books, two of my favourites chefs.Image

The Gordon’s one is OK, but the one I really liked was the Jamie Oliver’s. I have some of his books, but had never flicked through this one. He has some nice and simple recipes, made nicer, a salad section, and my favourite, a sandwich section.

And while I was reading, I passed through “Sausage and Mash” recipe. I had some sausage and some potato, so decided to use that to my dinner. Of course I’ve done different from his recipe, I don’t think I have the ability of following instructions at all, and I ended up having a very nice sausage casserole.Image

First putting in a bag mushrooms, onions, spring onions, and new potatoes, all chopped.


Then some nice sausages ( mine were apple and herbs ), some herbs with Oxo powder and fresh basil leaves. Add a little bit of water and oven! 

They turned out like that, very yammy! I tend to leave on the oven for the longest I can at a low temperature, so it can cook quite slow and get the whole flavour in it. Image

The only thing I regret not doing is frying red onions before, to give sweetness to it. But that is it guys, a book and a recipe that I recommend!

See you soon! xG


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